frequently asked questions
Why is the name Michelle Schulz chosen?

The name is a symbol of contradiction, which is like the project itself. We want to emphasise the female part of this project. The female is a symbol of the creation of the new. Not only the documents itself are natural creations as born day by day, but the whole project is a mirror of the power and the transition of our circle of life.

How did this project start?

We are the first professional generation of artists who has the chance to use the new media for their works. This is a very special forum, a stage that gives us a chance to communicate our principles of art - to show it and to provoke discussions. Nevertheless we are ambivalent about it. Therefore this project is not only in the new format, but also thinks about the format. During our work we found more and more phenomena, which are inherent in the new media. We felt as we would fall into the eddy.

Why using a concrete person’s name to hide as a group of artists?

The idea is key. Developing the idea and the fundamentals of the project gives space for discussion and creativity that stress out our individual talents. Later on we realised that we’d need a structure, if we want to be concrete. The realisation and the actual action of creation starts: we agreed this and that, we want to do these things and those - that means spread out tasks amongst ourselves and go. During this process you volunteer into a very fixed structure. But we don’t wanted to let ourselves force into a structure. Therefore we decided to stay anonymous. This will allow us to keep our independence in the long-term.

Were there moments of artistic confrontations during the project?

The work for and within the project will influence the work of every individual of our group. That means that the experiences, which I made within the group, go directly into my mind and body and will somehow flow into the individual work. On the other hand obviously the individual thoughts and input of everyone involved will be surly recognised in the content of the project, its ethics and even physical.

Why has this virtual project a classical component?

Because of the way the extended art definition is handled nowadays, you need to ask if it makes sense to differentiate between physical and virtual art. If there is a sense in the artistic object and the delimitation from non-art, is not an issue of the media. Art should become a sound part of information and communication science. Within those there would be a chance of pure utilisation, which might grow into the dimension of social changes. Certainly there have to be build up room to allow professionalism.

Why is professionalism so important?

First of all it is a claim to quality - professionalism in the sense of delivering quality. It is a bit problematically to define ‚quality‘ within the context of art. It is important to us that art can be experienced - sensuous and intellectual. The identification of the abstract with the everyday life.