The Web, praised as a place of unlimited freedom from some and condemned as a place of commerce and political lobbyism from others is going to be the reason and the media in one.

Information is piled on the dumps of the global machine memory. The homo sapiens is going to be a homo collectans in a way never experienced before.

To save = to flush?

The separation from the own products is going to be obsolete, everything is available for everyone, accessible in the ether in eternity.

The limits of the unlimited are now visible.

This is how the world is right now.

The project ‘Shit in the Web’ will be published in these sites for the first time. Inherent in the project is a model character that mirrors the daily acts of reflexes of the information and consumer society nowadays to a pure physical component.

The project wants neither to judge nor to harden the structures. Much more that this it is used to identify a movement, achievements and forecasts for every human being, using the here introduced method of a dual model.

Obviously we know that we are in a privileged situation. We support the idea, that every MAN should have the opportunity to archive his products completely independent. The short-term ecstasy mustn’t become a model for the future.

‘Shit in the Web’ is produced by a group of volunteering pioneers, coming together in a basis democratic structure.

We are no political fanatics, do not belong to any religious group. We do have principles, though.
We are against abuse of human being and animals, against mass consumption of nature and society of consumption.

Therefore we decided to unveil the message of the virtual intestine.

The consumption of information and the subjective destroy mechanisms of chewing, sucking out, digest and secretion of information in the daily beat will be to reflect. This is an act which concerns all of us and which we can’t ignore.

Due to the reduction of the physical component of our actions we decouple from the compulsory mechanisms of the information society.
The everyday routine and possibility of reproduction of our model will give a concept, which enables a unique opportunity of democratization. We produce an adhesive element overcoming classes and races, languages and borders.
The purpose of this documentation is to form an approach of a common, spread virtual conscious.

Michelle Schulz (2000)